Thursday, 30 April 2009

British English

Today I want to post a letter written to the Daily Telegraph last September by Mr. Andy Preston of London NW3. I hope he will forgive me for reproducing it here. "Sir - My mother applied for a local NHS service recently and was asked to state her nationality. Upon stating that she was English, she was informed that this was not an accepted category. She could be Scottish, Welsh or Irish, but if she was English she had to put down "British"." I think this letter speaks for itself and needs no comment from me.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Elegy In a Country Churchyard

Here's a short poem by G. K. Chesterton The men that worked for England They have their graves at home; The bees and birds of England About the cross can roam. But they who fought for England, Following a falling star, Alas, alas for England, They have their graves afar. And they that rule in England, In stately conclave met, Alas, alas for England, They have no graves as yet.

St. George's Day

Well done to Boris Johnson for at least trying to get St. George's Day going as a national festival. For too long we have kept quiet about being proud of our country. For too long we have accepted the insidious betrayal that has gone on in the town halls, the teacher training colleges, the social services and in Downing Street itself. I believe that this betrayal has led to a catastrophic decline in our standards, our manners and morals, the education of our children, our buildings and our art. English patriotism has become a matter for scorn and derision, and if one admits to love of one's country one is accused of being either racist or jingoistic. I am neither - I just want to be allowed to be proud of my country, as are other nations, and to say so.