Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A New Speaker

Congratulations to John Bercow on his election as Speaker of the House of Commons. I wish him well, but it was sad to see the way in which he was elected. It seemed to owe more to the desire of the Labour members to annoy the Tories, among whom he is not a popular figure, than to any considered reasons. It is clear that MPs have learned nothing from recent events. If only they were mature and sensible enough to have set aside party politics and chosen a Speaker who would have been a unifier, someone with the experience and dignity to control the House and to set about the reforms which are so necessary. Of those standing, Sir George Young would have been perfect . Of those who did not stand for election, I would have thought Frank Field would have been ideal. It may be that John Bercow will fill the role admirably, but I don't think this was the reason he was elected, and that diminishes both him and the House of Commons.

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