Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Labour & Mass Immigration

The news, hitherto secret (though definitely suspected), that the Labour Government encouraged mass immigration because immigrants tend to vote Labour should not surprise us.   After 13 years we are used to their cynical and unscrupulous ways.   However, as the population of the UK approaches 70 million, as schools, hospitals and housing are breaking down and unable to cope, as our green island vanishes under the weight of new buildings, I think we should all make it clear that we are deeply opposed to what they have been doing and insist that immigration controls are made a great deal stricter.

The United Kingdom is already one of the most crowded nations on earth and the policy of the Labour Party is to make it even more crowded.   If anyone objects, they are accused of racism - dread word, used to silence any opposition to what is going on here.   It is NOT racist to want one's country to remain a decent place to live.   Few object to the colour of the immigrants, or their race, just to their numbers, and unfortunately Government policies have made the UK a particularly attractive place for immigrants.   The other countries of Europe are only too happy to pass them on to us, and our membership of the European Union makes it all but impossible, under current laws, to refuse entry.  

It is all very depressing, but to cheer us up, here is a beautiful photograph of a wintry scene in Northumberland.   There are compensations even in the darkest days of winter.


  1. It is interesting to note that whenever they interview econonomic migrants in Calais and ask them where they are trying to get to - they always say 'England' - and never 'Britain'...

    Scotland is currently de-populating and so is Wales. It is England that is taking the hit. England is now the third most densely populated country in the world.

    Labour has created a time bomb - the growing resentment in poor white working class areas is extremely worrying - and I fear civil strife is but a spark away...

    And thanks to the Lisbon treaty, we will be told by Brussels how many immigrants we can take in the future - there are EU stations all over sub-Saharan Africa right now processing applications....

    As a former life long Labour voter of over 30 years standing I simply cannot ever forgive what these New Lab morons have done to my country. England as I knew it has gone forever - I despise our Establishment, I despise our crap political leadership, I despise the concept of the UK and how it has shafted England so.

    The only future this country has is to declare UDI out of the union and out of Europe. I don't bloody care about our grey men in grey suits strutting the world stage - getting their rocks off on managing to get a place next to Obama at the G7 photo opp'

    I just want them to be elected by us to work for the benefit of us - end of.

  2. Well said, Alfie. Sorry I have not answered your comment before. It makes me despair to hear about the EU stations in sub-Saharan Africa sitting there processing applications - something I did not know.