Saturday, 13 March 2010

The Blanket Repeal Bill

Matthew Parris, in this week's Spectator has produced a brilliant idea for the Conservatives when they are back in power.   He suggests that they should introduce a measure, which he calls "The Blanket Repeal of Legislation (Failure of New Labour 1997 -2010) Bill.

The effect would be to repeal at one stroke all the new legislation brought in since the fall of the Conservative government in 1997, the only exceptions being "those measures which, by affirmative resolution of both Houses, parliament votes to rescue".   All the needless, pointless or positively dangerous new laws made over the last 13 years, such as the fox-hunting ban, ASBOs, hate-speech crimes, identity cards, badly-drafted anti-terrorism legislation which results in no one being able to take photographs in a public place, etc. etc, would vanish in one go, and if anyone thinks any of these are a good idea, it would be up to them to persuade parliament to keep them.   The question for parliament to answer would be "Why?", instead of "Why not?".

After the last, disastrous 13 years, the thought of wiping the slate clean of New Labour interference in our lives is hugely attractive.   It would take very little time to achieve and leave the next government free to concentrate on rebuilding our shattered nation.  

I am with you, Matthew!

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