Tuesday, 6 April 2010

At Last!

As I write, Gordon Brown has just returned from Buckingham Palace, where he asked the Queen for a dissolution of Parliament, and a General Election has been called for May 6th.   At last - at last! - we have the chance to turn out this appalling government and get rid of the man who for 13 long years has blighted the country, either as Chancellor or Prime Minister.  Together with Tony Blair, who is equally to blame, he has brought the country to the edge of the abyss, and a further Labour term would undoubtedly bring us to ignominious destruction.

The economy is important indeed, but there are other things that are even more important.    When we look around at the devastation Blair and Brown have wrought, the crime, violence and drunkenness on our streets, the gangs and ghettos, our failed schools and dumbed down universities, the state of the NHS, the police who have to spend their time filling in forms and persecuting motorists but fail to solve 90% of burglaries and seem totally to have lost the confidence and goodwill of the public, the ludicrous Health & Safety regulations (emanating of course from Brussels) and the equally ghastly political correctness (not only absurd but dangerous), the thousands living on benefits and refusing to work, the pensioners struggling to make ends meet while the gap between rich and poor grows ever wider, the army unable to fight properly for lack of men and equipment, the decline of family life and the huge number of teenage single mothers, the mean, deliberate destruction of country life, the lying, manipulation and sheer incompetence, the billions that pour out of the country into the coffers of the undemocratic, profligate, despotic, corrupt, deceitful EU, which makes 80% of our laws, in which we have no say whatsoever – all, all the result of their policies, we realise how desperately important this election is - as David Cameron has said this morning, the most important for a generation.

We do now have the chance to make a change, and I am confident that with the common sense of the English people we will vote to make that change.

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