Saturday, 14 August 2010

The End of Honesty

A sad little piece in the Daily Telegraph this morning recounts how farmers are having to give up their "honesty boxes".   For many years farmers and smallholders have been leaving their produce - eggs, honey, fruit - at the end of their drives, with a box for buyers to put the right money in, and for all those years the system has worked well.   Now, however, they are increasingly finding that the money, or the produce, or both, are being stolen.

I find this a particularly sad reflection on the way that England is going.   People in the country are nearly always more honest than people in towns anyway, and if they are turning into cheats, then there is little hope for us.   I can't help feeling - or hoping - that it is not traditional country-dwellers who are responsible, but the influx of outsiders of all kinds, who do not share the values we have been brought up to believe in.   In any event, it is depressing.


  1. I am absolutely certain it is due to the influx of outsiders. We only have to ask ourselves "what has changed" over the last 13 years?
    Thousands upon thousands of workers and non-workers have flooded into the country. It may be good for the country in one way, but just look what we have lost.
    Well, not all is lost. This morning on my walk, I passed a wheelbarrow full of apples and a chair with three marrows sitting comfortably, and a little card saying "Please help yourself".

  2. I'm rather inclined to a 'racist' explanation of this sad development than another.

    PS: My verification word for this comment was 'bader'. How ironic.