Friday, 2 October 2009

Anaerobic Digesters

If, like me, you are opposed to huge white windmills being erected all over the countryside, in some of our most beautiful landscapes, you might care to know about anaerobic digesters, a much more environmentally friendly alternative. An anaerobic digester uses bacteria to break down organic material and gives off a large amount of methane which is then converted into electricity. It produces electricity 24 hours a day (as opposed to only when the wind blows), and produces heat and organic fertiliser as well as consuming waste. Other countries are already on to this, and in Germany there are 4,000 of them. India has 300,000. Needless to say, our own government, committed to building thousands of expensive and virtually useless wind turbines, which need power stations to back them up, is not yet encouraging digesters, and gives double the amount of incentives to the building of the turbines. If we do not want England ruined by ugly and intrusive wind farms all over the place, we should lobby as hard as we can for MORE DIGESTERS!

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