Monday, 5 October 2009

Oh, Ireland!

Sadly, the Irish, who little more than a year ago voted so bravely and independently to reject the European Constitution, have now been bullied, bribed, browbeaten and bamboozled into saying 'Yes' to the Lisbon Treaty, the Constitution in all but name. Only the Poles and the Czechs now stand between us and the treaty becoming law, and it appears that both these nations will ratify before very long. We are now in a very difficult position. The promise of a referendum made by the Labour Government has been broken, and David Cameron will not find it easy to give us one after the Conservatives are elected if all the nations of Europe have ratified the treaty. It looks as though we must now tamely surrender a huge chunk of our sovereignty and independence to an unelected body in a foreign country, which seems to be intent on foisting extraordinary laws and regulations upon us and changing our ancient consititution against our will. Where is democracy? How can we accept this? We know that most people in the UK do not want it, but they have never been asked. We appear to be helpless. I wonder if the Irish thought it through properly. Do they really want Tony Blair as their President?

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