Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Black Day

Yesterday President Klaus of the Czech Republic finally signed his country's ratification of the Lisbon Treaty (the European Constitution), the last of the 27 countries of the EU.   The treaty will now become law on December 1st and we shall lose a huge chunk of our sovereignty and independence.   The way is clear for the selection (not election) of a President of Europe, a Foreign Minister (also apparently to be known as the High Representative) and the abolition of a number of our vetos.   More than ever we shall be subject to the dictates of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, unable to legislate for ourselves, to speak for ourselves, to govern ourselves or to refuse any of the astronomical sums of money demanded from us.

David Cameron has had to admit, quite rightly, that there is no point now in the Conservatives promising a referendum if he should become Prime Minister.   This is a fait accompli, and there is little more we can do about it.   We can either bow to this force majeure and watch the disappearance of a great nation, or we can do all we can to get out altogether, which will be so complicated that it would take years, even if we, as a nation, had the will to do it.   The sad thing is that I think we do have the will, but no one ever asks us.

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