Monday, 17 August 2009

Brown or Blair?

The question sometimes - quite often - arises: is Gordon Brown the worst prime minister ever, or should that be Tony Blair? Brown is certainly the most obvious candidate at the moment: dour, humourless, indecisive, arrogant, oblivious to anything but his own agenda and blind to his own failings, he is clearly a total incompetent. But most of the damage he has done to this country, bad as it is, was done when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Now Blair! Although he was successful in terms of being elected three times and surviving for so many years, the destruction he succeeded in wreaking on the United Kingdom, and particularly on England, during those ten terrible years is so comprehensive and enduring that I doubt we shall ever totally recover. It is all the more galling that he is swanning around the world making money on the back of our misery and actually seemingly quite likely to become President of the European Union, when that dread title becomes a reality. It's a hard choice.

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