Monday, 31 August 2009

Better Off Out

It was reported last week that our net contribution to the EU is soon to rise to £6.4 billion p.a, the equivalent of £730,000 per hour. It is possible that the real cost of membership may be even as much as £120 billion, or £2,000 per year for every person in the country. Where all this money is going is anybody's guess, since the EU accounts have not been signed off for years, and the only person who tried to do anything about it was sacked. As a country we are now in the position of borrowing money to send to the EU, while our soldiers die in Afghanistan for lack of funds to pay for their equipment and people here are told to tighten their belts. What have we EVER got out of the EU? Can anybody point to a tangible benefit? Mrs. Thatcher negotiated a deal to keep our net contribution down, but our rebate was thrown away with typical ineptitude by Tony Blair, and in any case the promises she got from Europe were never kept. Now all we do is pour money out of this country into the pockets of corrupt officials in foreign countries, who take no notice whatsoever of the EU edicts to which we adhere so slavishly and which are ruining all our lives. We would be better off out, and most of the nation now agrees with this. We must have a referendum soon!

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