Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Immigration & Electricity

The population of the UK increased by 408,000 last year and is likely to increase by 9,000,000 over the next twenty years. Most of this will be absorbed by England. Although this is not entirely because of the number of immigrants arriving, the fact is that a significant portion is due to the higher birth rate of women who were born abroad and have settled here. Britain's population is growing at three times the rate recorded in the 1980s. Now we are told that within a few years there will not be enough electricity to go round (something of which Christopher Booker has been warning us for ages). The Labour government has dithered and dallied and has not put the plans in place which will keep our lights on in the future, and power cuts look inevitable. To me this is a sign that our infrastructure simply cannot support the numbers we are allowing to settle here. Demands for electricity, gas, hospitals, schools, housing and so on are obviously going to increase as the population grows. We are a small island, no longer rich - we just can't do it!

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