Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Burberry Live

The 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week finished with a bang last night, with the much-anticipated Burberry show. The very English fashion house was showing in London for the first time for 18 years, and Christopher Bailey, their brilliant young designer, produced a series of pretty and feminine variations on the famous trench coat, once worn in the trenches of World War I. Christopher was born in Yorkshire and still spends as much time there as he can. The fashion show was shown live online, and judging by the excited comments coming in from all over the world, Burberry is as big a name in Hong Kong, Vancouver or Sydney as it is here After the show there was a party for 1,500 at Burberry's spanking new headquarters. As a company, they are among England's best ambassadors, and at the very top of the fashion tree.

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