Monday, 21 September 2009

More on Europe

It seems that the Czechs may come to our rescue over the so-called Lisbon Treaty. A group of Czech Eurosceptics are mounting a legal challenge to their country's ratification of the treaty, which could last months and possibly until next summer, which would be after our General Election. So even if Ireland votes Yes, the Czechs could delay matters long enough for the UK to have a referendum (which we are clearly not going to get under this government, in spite of its promises). If David Cameron fulfils his promise of a referendum after the Conservatives return to power, before the treaty is ratified by the Czechs, the chances are we will vote No and scupper the whole thing. If the Czechs and the Irish both vote Yes before our election, and Cameron is forced to fulfil his promise, it risks becoming a vote on whether we should remain in the EU at all. 70% of people in this country want at least the chance to vote. Incidentally, President Sarkozy of France "exploded with rage" when he heard the news, and is threatening the Czechs with unspecified "consequences" - which illustrates how things work in the oh-so-democratic EU.

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