Tuesday, 5 May 2009


The following are extracts from an article by Minette Marrin in the Sunday Times (some time ago, pre-Brown): "Generally speaking, most people in England quite like the Scots, even though they seem to hate us. ........ A feeling of English separatism is growing; the English hardly need Scotland and Wales and would be much freer and richer without them. It is not only those on the far right, now, who complain of the number of Scots at Westminster and their undue influence. ....... Scottish MPs are overmighty and a Scottish prime minister at Westminster, post devolution, would find himself in a false position. Remarkably slowly England's voters are beginning to wake up to all this. .......... These questions are not going to go away. There are ways of resolving them, of course. Why not try genuine devolution? Why not make the Commons English and only English? Why not create a new upper chamber to deal with matters British? ............. Our national sense of identity has been undermined by Labour party policies, both before and after Blair - by (among other things) the traditional left-wing contempt for patriotism; by the resulting suppression of national history; by the suppression of national traditions for fear of giving offence to newcomers; by aggressive multiculturalism and by fast mass immigration."

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