Saturday, 2 May 2009

Some Hard Facts

After my outpourings on the subject of May yesterday, I am now recording some figures, which we should all think about. 1) In 2008 the total cost of British membership of the EU was £56 billion, the equivalent of £1,200 for every British taxpayer. The total cost of our contributions to the EU Budget is £230.4 billion. Think of the hospitals, schools and libraries we could have built for such sums! 2) The Common Agricultural Policy costs us nearly £17 billion per annum. 3) The Common Fisheries Policy, which has led to the virtual destruction of North Sea fish stocks and ruined the livelihoods of British fishing communities, costs us over £3 billion p.a. 3) 80% of our laws are made in Brussels. It is really not much good writing to your MP about anything, since he (or she) can do nothing about it anyway. 4) We are helping to subsidise Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Ireland, Belgium, Slovakia, Malta, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia, all of whom get more back in subsidies than they pay in. Can we honestly afford this?

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