Saturday, 9 May 2009

Fair Play

Many of you will have seen Didier Drogba's outburst last week at the end of Chelsea's game against Barcelona. Chelsea were cruelly robbed of their victory, and yes, the referee was largely to blame, but where was the sportsmanship? Were we not all taught about how to lose gracefully? Are our sportsmen no longer taught that particular form of behaviour? The main reason why Drogba was so upset, I am sure, is that he felt that Chelsea's defeat was "unfair". One can understand that (it was), and it is a very basic feeling, that life should be "fair", when we all know it isn't. But look at what can be accomplished when things are set about the right way. Joanna Lumley felt that the Gurkhas were being treated unfairly, and ran a magnificent campaign on their behalf, which seems to have been ultimately successful. The English sense of fair play at its best!

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