Sunday, 5 July 2009

Britannia in Trafalgar Square

The controversy over the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square has reached new heights with the "living sculpture", starting this week at the suggestion of Anthony Gormley. For 100 days the plinth will be occupied for one hour at a time by members of the public who are free to do whatever they wish - and some of them are going to be very peculiar! Some months ago, when The Daily Telegraph was featuring the fourth plinth, I wrote them a letter, which they published, suggesting a fine bronze statue of Britannia, complete with helmet, shield and trident, to remind us of our rapidly vanishing sovereignty. I am therefore very pleased to see that one of the people who are going to occupy the plinth for their allotted hour is going to be dressed as just that: Britannia. Helen Barker, a 52-year-old medical secretary from Chester, has a slot next Tuesday (sadly at 1am). She said: "I knew within seconds of being picked who I would go as. I will have the helmet, shield and trident. I am a true Brit so this is a wonderful opportunity to be on the plinth as one of the great British symbols".

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