Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tony Blair

I was amused to read the following in this morning's Daily Telegraph. Michael Sandle, an RA and a distinguished sculptor, said in The Oldie, about Tony Blair: "I knew the moment he was elected leader of the Labour Party that this was a most dangerous man - no sense of history, no culture, a complete philistine, but, most of all, because he was mixing up politics and faith. And now he's peddling religious platitudes through his faith foundation. He uses religion as an air-freshener to cover the stench of the rotting flesh he has caused. As for being Middle East peace envoy, it's like employing King Herod to be a child-minder." I couldn't agree more!


  1. And I couldn't agree less.

    What rubbish. ALL of the quote from Sandle.

    1. Blair never mixed his religious beliefs with his politics. This is well known.

    2. He also didn't cause deaths to the extent that bitter Sandle suggests. He SAVED many from death But ALL of this is blithely ignored by such as Sandle. Not by the Sierra Leonians it isn't; nor the Kosovans, nor the Irish.

    Those doing the killing in the Middle East are middle eastern.

    Opinions are one thing, but people look so ignorant when they get so much factually wrong in their reporting of a great political leader and a good man.

    Facile, juvenile comments like the Herod one do Sandle's sanity no favours.

    He needs to ask Mahmoud Abbas WHY Blair is useful in the Middle East. Something tells me he wouldn't like the answer.

  2. Dear Blair Supporter,
    I was thrilled to get your comment and totally respect your point of view, while not in the least sharing it. I don't want to get into a long political argument, but I will just tell you why I so despise Tony Blair. As a loyal Englishwoman (which you will have noticed) I am appalled at the destruction he wrought on this country over his years in office - to the constitution in particular, and to the supremacy of Parliament, which is now in a worse state than for many, many years. He has left our education system in tatters, the NHS in dire straits, our streets full of vandals, drunkards and muggers and his Chancellor has ruined our finances. Apart from that, I agree he was a leader, but in which direction did he lead us?