Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rural Broadband

Herefordshire, among other rural counties, has a problem with broadband. Some areas of the county have the weakest connections in the entire country, and it is unlikely that BT will spend the money needed to address this. Herefordshire Council is looking for a way to solve the problem, and is working with Allpay, a Herefordshire-based company, who are trying out a rural broadband project involving the use of church steeples and towers to relay a super-speed service. It would need only a small box and a subscription. This idea is being welcomed by everyone - the Council, the churches, local businesses and everyone in the county who suffers in this way. It would certainly solve a problem which does not seem to interest the Government, which appears to have no plans whatsoever to help rural businesses in this respect - let alone country residents.

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