Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The English Legal System

"Digests and codes imposed in the Roman manner by an omnipotent state on a subject people were alien to the spirit and tradition of England. The law was already there, in the customs of the land, and it was only a matter of discovering it by diligent study and comparison of recorded decisions in earlier cases and applying it to the particular dispute before the court...... The liberties of Englishmen rested not on any enactment of the State but on immemorial slow-growing custom declared by juries of free men who gave their verdicts case by case in open court." Winston Churchill: A History of the English-Speaking Peoples The first sentence of this extract to me describes exactly what we are having forced upon us by the European Union. We should not accept it, and our politicians should be the first to protect our ancient rights and traditions instead of cravenly miring us ever deeper in an alien culture.

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